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3 Countries….1 Day

Posted by on July 27, 2014
506th PIR 101st Memorial

506th PIR 101st Memorial

Note: Yesterday we ended up in a place with no internet so the blog is a day behind. We will try to catch it up in the next day or two.



Bastonge, Belgium

This first part will be a lot clearer to people if they know the HBO Band Of Brother series.

Once leaving our hotel in La Roche-en-Ardenne, we headed back to Bastonge for a tour with Roby Clam, a guide in the area. We meet him at around 9:30 am at the General McAuliffe Square in the town centre. We first headed to Houffalize to go check out a Panther on display there. Afterward we headed back toward the town of Foy to the Bois Jacque Forest where Easy Company‘s foxholes and artillery holes can be found. This is also the place where Bill Guarnere & Joe Toye each lost a leg in WWII.

From here we move to the next location which was the town of Foy itself. Here we look up at the window to the location of the German sniper that “Shifty” Powers took out….and the position he took the shot from.

Next we moved to the location that Lieutenant Dyke first tried to take Easy to take Foy, and Lieutenant Speirs took over. This was not from the Bois Jacque Forest. We also got to see the location of Regimental HQ near by. We also finally got to see our first German Cemetery. This was a beautiful place and we were happy to here that it has never been defaced. Side note: The Belgium nurse Renee, that Eugene Roe never really met, lived right around the corner from the hospital that was destroyed. The hospital was actually the grocery stone…never a hospital.

There was a lot more we saw that I can’t cover here. We headed back to Bastonge town centre, had a coffee and then headed for Luxembourg.

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

We reached Luxembourg City within the hour….then spent another half hour looking for parking. A very beautiful, but very busy city. We did a quick walk-around taking pictures then decided to go on the city tour….a 45 minute ride giving the history of the city. We were here for about 3 hours. There is a lot of history here and worth the stop, but we decided not to stay here as originally planed, but moved on to Germany.

Ürzig, Germany

Obviously the country of Luxembourg is not that big. In another 45 minutes, we crossed the entire country and entered Germany. We stopped for a very late lunch and continued toward Köln but planned to find a hotel before there. One thing to point out, Pamela finally got her cow picture. Don’t ask me; ask her.

Not knowing the area at all made that a bit tricky finding a hotel. Pick one on the GPS and hope for the best…..Don’t like the look of it…Move on to the next one. Finally we picked one in another town from where we were and hit the jackpot. Ürzig is a small village on the hillside by the Mosel River and is wine country. The steep hilles are covered in grape vines. They actually have what look like little roller-coaster carts and tracks that take them throughout the crops. We arrived around 7:30, got a room, unloaded our luggage, and then of course went for a glass of wine. We just sat on the deck, looking at the view, talking and sipping wine. What a great evening.


Panther - Houffalize

Panther – Houffalize


Bois Jacque Forest – Patrol

Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City View

Luxembourg City

Luxembourg Fortification

Luxembourg – Fortification



Our Hotel - Ürzig, Germany

Our Hotel – Ürzig, Germany

Ürzig, Germany

Ürzig, Germany


Mosel River


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