Jet Lagged

Ferlins' home.

Ferlins’ home.

We arrived yesterday…tired as can be. My cousin Ferlin picked us up at the airport in the “Ferlin FixIt” mobile and brought us back to his place where we will be staying for the next 5 days. We got to visit a few more of my cousins, Farah & Evelien with their daughters, over a few cups of coffee and peanut butter cheese poofs. A definite nap was required though.

Later, another cousin Marlon stopped by and we along with him & Giovanni went for a stroll down to the local market and picked up the essentials….wine and beer. Being jet lagged, we manage to stay awake until around 9 pm then called it a night. Oh….the Netherlands beat Brazil to take 3rd place in the World Cup. 🙂


Ferlins’ Street

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On our way!!

Just a few short hours until our flight…sitting at YVR…..waiting. First flub of the trip: Pamela plugged in her camera battery in at the hotel to charge it up. Guess where it is still. Well at least it wasn’t her passport.  I have sent her off to get me a sandwich or something (and a little something for herself too). I know that sounds chauvinistic but hey….I’m hungry. 😉

Next post will be from the other side of the pond.


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2 WEEKS!!!

In 2 weeks, at this time, we will be on a plane headed to Amsterdam, Netherlands. It’s been 20+ years since Ramon has been “home”, and Pamela; well she has been waiting 50 years for this trip. 😉

So starting July 11, 2014, keep checking back here to see what we are up to.

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