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A Short Time in Wales

Posted by on May 25, 2017

Cardiff Castle

A 10:30 train time with a 2-hour ride to Cardiff, Wales. Again, we have first class, too bad the power and AC were both broken on the train. This time we prepared for food by not eating breakfast before-hand; guess what – no food either. At least the train ride goes by quick.

We caught a cab to our hotel and were able check in right away then headed out for a stroll. Everything here is so close. We are just off Queen Street, a 5-minute walk to Cardiff Castle.  The sun is shining as we sit down for some cod & chips. Some of the best fish & chips we’ve ever had. Window shopping the streets for the afternoon we find a poppy shop and finally found the poppy umbrella we were looking for, so we bought 2. We spotted these on TV before but they are only available in the UK. We then stopped at The Duke of Wellington to have a drink before heading back to the hotel.

Pamela was going to bed early so I headed off to Fuel Rock Club to see who’s there. Both Brian and Tim from the US showed up there as well as Scott from Edmonton. Good to see them again. Also, had a few beers with Loopy and then Colin, Dave Murray’s guitar tech. After plugging the ‘metal only’ jukebox full of music and some drinks, midnight rolls arounds when I head back to the hotel. Back here tomorrow for Thomas’s ‘Nylon Maiden’ show.


We took our time getting up and ready this morning watching the terrible news about the attach in Manchester. We have breakfast with the hotel so we went to the restaurant for a whole spread of eggs, sausage, ham, cereals, breads & rolls, fruits, and more. We ate with our morning coffee and then headed to Cardiff Castle. This place is also buzzing with the 2017 UEFA Football Champions League Final starting here next week. (That would-be soccer for those who don’t know.)

We again picked up a city-pass for the hop-on hop-off tours. We did a loop stopping at the Doctor Who Experience for find it is closed on Tuesdays. We will come back here in the morning. We walked around the docks area before jumping back on the bus and finished the tour loop.

Our late lunch was an incredible cheese board we spotted at Madame Formage yesterday on our walk. If you ever come to Cardiff you must come here for the board and a glass of wine. Back to the hotel with the leftovers, yes there was that much, we are taking a break before Nylon Maiden at Fuel tonight.


Early to rise before heading to the Doctor Who Experience again. Pamela didn’t go in as she knows nothing of the Doctor. It was good to see as it is being shutdown for good within a month, but to be honest the ‘experience’ part was a little lame. There was some pretty cool stuff there though.

We jumped on the bus back to the hotel and split off. Pamela went shopping and out with Pauls’ wife Viv, and I head to the Motorpoint Arena to get set for the next Maiden gig. I met up with Paul there. The security was a little higher after the Manchester incident which was fine, but the door security messed up FTTB.

I got my spot in front of Dave & Adrian and rocked out pretty good. Got Dave’s wristband and pick plus what Pamela calls ‘The Holy Grail Set List!” Paul and I headed to Fuel afterward to a Trooper, the Burger King for a double cheeseburger. Great time with all my Blood Brothers (you know who you are) at another great show.

Wales is a beautiful place and we really like Cardiff, partly because we had next to nothing for rain again and a lot of hot, sunny days. Back to the hotel for some sleep. London is calling.

Cardiff Castle – Apartments

Happy Duck at the castle.

The Tall Ship


At the docks.

Cardiff tour.

Wine & cheese please!

Janick Gers – Iron Maiden

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