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Stewarts to Stalker to Glasgow

Posted by on May 14, 2017

Castle Stalker

For the amount of driving we did today, this will be a short post. Once we got up and had breakfast we headed out to check out a few cemeteries that we know have some of Pamela’s family in them. Determining the family did not come from Campbeltown itself, we concentrated on these areas.

First was Kilkenzie, then Putechan, and lastly Killean. Killean is where we found her 3rd & 4th grand-fathers and others. We have a lot of pictures t go through to match up with the family history. No fence hopping was required today. The biggest obstacle we had were “coo’s”. We stopped along the coast at some point for the view and to enjoy yet another sunny Scottish day.

After the graveyard we headed north, along the west coast, towards Castle Stalker about 3 hours away. Yes, another Stewart castle, but more importantly this is the castle seen at the end of Monty Python & the Holy Grail. I was actually sent here by God himself on a sacred quest find the Holy Grail. FYI…I didn’t find it. I blame the French.

Once we determined I wouldn’t find the cup we headed east to the highland and then south through the mountain and headed to Glasgow, our home for the next three night. Again…a lot of driving, but some fantastic scenery. We returned the car at the Glasgow airport and took a cab to the hotel. A late night snack and night cap and we are off to bed.

And finally –  Happy Mothers Day Mom!!!

Putechan Cemetery

Pamela’s 4th great grandfather.

Killean Cemetery

The Scottish West Coastline

A loan ‘coo’

Castle Stalker

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