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Ship shape to the last day.

Posted by on August 4, 2014
Boat 4

On the boat


Yesterday we basically spent the entire day on Marlon’s boat cruising some canals around Holland….7 hours, 60 km. Marvin and his daughter Melanie, her boyfriend Ashley and his cousin Jade were on the boat as well. There were quite a few bridges and locks you need to wait for. It’s definitely a different view from the water too. Pamela and I both ended up a little redder then we started the day at as the day was just about as perfect as you can get. Oops! There is really little to say about today’s adventure because all we did was relax, had a few drinks, eat and relaxed some more. Towards the end of the boat ride some of us jumped in for a quick swim before heading back to the dock. Afterward we headed into town and picked up some bami for dinner before going back to Ferlin’s.  The highlight of the food was the banana chips that Marvin brought from Suriname……salty banana chips. Yummy! Pamela went and bought 3 bags of them to bring home with her at a little Indonesian and South American store when we went to get dinner. They may not make it home….  🙂


Today…our last day.

Today is our last full day in The Netherlands and we don’t have much of a plan either. Uncle Arthur, Aunt Grace, Uncle Cor, Aunt Sicilla, Farah, Frens, Lisa &  Eva stopped by this morning for a visit and to say bye. It was a nice visit….never long enough though. I don’t get to see my family enough. We got a few pictures which I’m sure my mom would live to see. Once everyone was gone we started going through our stuff and packing.

A while later we for a quick shopping trip, went for a coffee, and picked up some pastries. For the heck of it afterwards we took a quick trip over to Mijdrecht where I used to live before moving to Canada. It’s quite a bit different than I remember, got lost, but it was still fun looking around.

We went back to Ferlin’s home and ordered pizza for dinner. Once done, Pamela went shopping for a few thing to bring home (Sorry Dad…no cheese) with Ferlin and I want and spent my last evening here fishing the canals with Giovanni. We caught nothing but had a good time. Marvin stopped by to say goodbye as well. Once back we had a drink and a piece of the apple cake that Pamela and I picked up at the baker earlier. Mmmmmmm.

Time to call it a night and prepare for the long trip back to Canada tomorrow. Gonna miss everyone here.

Boat 1

We’re on a boat…..Marlon’s boat to be exact.

Marlon - Boat

Ramon’s cousin….Captain Marlon

Boat 5

Waiting to open.

Boat 2

Open sesame!

Barends 2

Cousins Marvin, Marlon & Melanie

Barends 1

L-R: Marvin, Ashley, Marlon, Jade & Melanie

Boat 3

Going for a swim

Farah & Ramon

Farah & Ramon Selfie

Fam. Farah

Farah, Frens, Lisa, Eva & Aunt Sicilla

Arthur & Grace

Uncle Arthur & Aunt Grace


Uncle Cor and one of his birds.

Cor & Sicilla

Uncle Cor & Aunt Sicilla

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