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Posted by on July 21, 2014
Manneken Pis

Manneken Pis

We said goodbye this morning to family and Holland…for now, and headed to Brussels, Belgium. It was just a quick 2 hour drive. We arrived at our hotel; The Bedford Hotel & Congress Centre. This post could take a while as the Wi-Fi is painfully slow. We had to wait a while for our room so we checked our bags and went for a stroll. It’s is nice the hotel is right in the centre and close to everything.

Find the large group of people and you’ll find the famous statue Manneken Pis. This small peeing statue is probably the biggest attraction for tourists.You can find copies, key chains, chocolate, magnets,…anything you can think of shaped like this little guy. When we first saw him he had a little outfit on. Apparently he has had hundreds of different outfits; it’s kind of a tradition to give him new cloths.

The next thing we wanted to see was the large square not far away. The architecture here is wonderful and is the main reason that I wanted to see it. He had a small snack with beer and wine. I couldn’t decide on which beer, so they made it easy on me and gave me a “sampler” plate with 6 different local beers. PERFECT!!!

We finish our lunch and headed back to the hotel to get our room. We both must have been tired because we both crashed hard after laying on the bed.

We went to dinner just across from Manneken Pis at a pub called….(my sister will love this) “PoechenelleKelder“. One thing about the food here in Brussels, we find it very, very rich, and mostly high calorie. (Obviously we are in the tourist area, but still.) Afterwards we did a little more strolling, had a coffee, then headed back to our hotel. Honestly, we are both a little disappointed with Brussels. After being in Amsterdam, the atmosphere here is completely different, not as welcoming, and really quite dirty with garbage everywhere. That being said, we did get to see the things that we wanted and the city is very active with lots going on.

Square 2

The Square


Belgium Waffles




The Galleries



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