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A visit in Wijk en Aalburg

Posted by on July 20, 2014
The Pub

The old pub…. 

It’s fantastic being able to see a bunch of family again…even some for the first time. Today we went to Wijk en Aalburg to Henriette (second-cousin) & Bas’ home to visit some more cousins on my dads side of the family. My cousin John and his wife Luus plus my other cousin Trude and her husband Gerrit also came by. Also my second-cousin Corinda and her son stopped by. These are all the family of my Aunt Henny & Uncle Martin. Don’t worry…Pamela is also having a hard time of keeping track.

We sat and talk for a while, then Gerrit ran to the local Chinese restaurant and picked of some won-ton soup for lunch. Very good. We also browsed through some more old photos, including one to my surprise, which showed my mother with a cigarette in her mouth….MY MOTHER!!!!

Afterwards we headed out for a walk along the canal, through the field, and over to the old pub my Aunt Henny & Uncle Martin had. This is one place I had to go see again as it is one of my fondest memories here, staying above the pub during our visits and going down and watching Uncle Martin work the bar. This time I could have a beer instead of a cola. We continued to walk looking at a few more place before heading back.

We stayed for a wonderful dinner and more visiting with Henriette & Bas before heading back to Hedel around 8:30. (We have also worked out a good system so Bas can get his beef jerky and I can get my salt licorice.)

It was nice to see you all again. We are headed off the Belgium tomorrow morning.

John & Luus

John & Luus

Trude & Gerrit

Trude & Gerrit

Corinda & Thymo

Corinda & Thymo

Henriette & Bas

Henriette, Bas, Thomas, & Floris

Wijk en Aalburg 1

Wijk en Aalburg

Wijk en Aalburg 2

Windmill at Wijk en Aalburg


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