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Wind and Ocean

Posted by on July 18, 2014
Delta 1


We headed to the coast today to check out the Delta Works with Ron today. These are the very impressive water control system where the large rivers of the Netherlands are dumped into the ocean. These are use for flood control. Things have changed some since I was here last. Wind turbines are everywhere and the Delta Works now has the DeltaPark, which is a family oriented place with a water park and bunch of other stuff. Unfortunately the tour of the facility is also part of this so you must buy the complete entrance to the park just for the tour which made it way too expensive. We decided to skip this. We did walk around the dykes for a while.

Once we were done, we went for lunch at a seaside beach resort area. A typical tourist trap lunch at “Brasserie Zeelust.” Time to head back as we have another BBQ to go to tonight and it’s a 2 hour drive. The nice thing was Ron was driving this time….Pamela & I both fell asleep. This humid heat is getting to us. It has been above average temperature here as well. At least it’s not smokey. 😉

Back in Hedel, we headed to Marcel & Mendy’s place for a BBQ. We first started of sticking our feet in the kiddy-pool to cool down, had a couple of beers, and browsed through some old pictures. It’s amazing what you will find.



Pamela gathered a bunch of family information for the tree she has been working on as well. Once that was done the BBQ was fired up, we had a few more drinks, and ate a great meal.

After dinner, we headed to the old church where my uncle and aunt are laid. WOW….it’s been a long time already. We then went to a small animal park there, strolled around, took some picture, and then headed back home to Ron’s for the night. We are all meeting in the morning for another packed day of activities.


Delta 4

Delta Works

Delta 3

Pamela & Ron at a Wind Turbine


Ron and Ramon


Marcel…Mr. BBQ


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