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Posted by on July 16, 2014
Molen De Eenhoorn

Molen De Eenhoorn – Haarlem

We…and when I say “we” I mean “I” went and picked up the rental car today.  Fortunately, I got a ride to the airport with my cousin Ferlin on his way to work (after he made us breakfast). 🙂

We decided to go to Haarlem to go see the place where I was born…Uyt Den Bosch (Out of the Forest) for a quick trip before our dinner plans later in the day. It was kind of weird walking around for me. The place is now an advertising agency building…a far change from the 17th century inn it used to be. It was converted into a maternity hospital in 1957, then a school for nurses in 1984. There are a few shots below.

Next, I decided it was time for Pamela to see a true Dutch windmill , so I took her to the “Molen De Eenhoorn” in Haarlem just cause it was close. It is a smaller one, but she need not worry; she will definitely see a few more. It was a nice little stroll along the canal to get to it and the scenery way fantastic with the old homes and boats sailing up and down. There are some amazing homes in the Haarlem area.

We also stopped for a quick snack and drink in this quaint little part of town. Of course with all the shops there, Pamela jumped out of the car and did some shopping first. Bitterballen and beer were on the menu at “Bij Bomans Eten & Drinken” and were damn good. Time to head back to Aalsmeer to get ready for the BBQ.

We were invited to my cousin Evelien & Roberts for a BBQ. We got to visit some more with them, Farah & Frens, Uncle Cor & Aunt Sicilia, Marlon, Ferlin, and all the kids. We had a great time and Pamela loved finally getting to know some of my family here. (FYI – I’m getting the spelling of some of the names from Ferlin now, so if they are wrong, blame him…haha). Tomorrow we are off to Hedel.

Uyt Den Bosch

Uyt Den Bosch

Uyt Den Bosch

Uyt Den Bosch


Pamela in Haarlem


Evelien, Robert, and family.



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