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Beer, wine, and culture.

Posted by on July 14, 2014
Dads House


So after a great much needed 12 hour sleep session we got a late start to the third day. I think we are all caught up on the time change now….feeling rested. We began our day as many of the locals…catching the bus to downtown Amsterdam. We had a plan to spend the day people watching and checking out the pubs and sampling a few spirits and some food. Our first stop was Heineken Hoek for a beer for Ray and an espresso for me. We also had a snack of french fries and maynonnaise. We sat outside on the sidewalk and watched the people pass by. All kinds of people. it’s amazing with all the people there and all the traffic with bikes, scooters, cars, buses there is a an amazing flow that goes on with everyone. No accidents and no honking. Just a tinkle of a bicycle bell to let you know they are coming.

Next we found our way to Ray’s fathers old house that he used to live in about 65 years ago. It is just down the street from the Anne Frank House……really a walk of about 4 minutes or less. You can see her house from his front door. We took a lot of pictures as it was really in a beautiful spot. Another very famous landmark is the Westerkerk Church where the queen was married. The Dutch queen….:) We weren’t allowed inside to see because of a wedding taking place at that time. The Anne Frank House was also very busy. There was about a 2 hour wait outside to get in. We are going back tomorrow to look at that. All that made us very thirsty again so we went across the street to de Oude Wester restaurant and had a cheese sandwich and another beer for Ray and a wine for me. Rays dad always talks about the cheese sandwiches.

Then we headed for the center of it all…..on to Dam Square. About a 20 minute walk through the wonderful cobble stone streets, shops and canals. It was a bustling center for sure. So many people and so many pigeons. We had been looking on the internet at the central via web cam and kept seeing the Euro Pub, so that was a spot we wanted to go. Sooo we headed for the pub… 🙂 …another beer for Ray and another wine for me. Heading back to where we got off the bus was a bit of a walk so we headed out….not before we stopped to take additional pictures of Sofie for Haydens album.

Walking the streets can be a bit dangerous. Keeping an eye on the bicycles, scooters, buses and cars requires some skill. Knowing which lane is for walking can sometimes be tricky. I guess it made Ray hungry because before I knew it he had ducked into a coffee shop for a piece of Dutch Apple Pie. It was called the Luna Cafe and it had free Wi fi which is what Ray was looking for. We continued walking and found ourselves in the red light district. Wrong direction completely. Another stop at the Cafe Heuvel. Beer for Ray and another wine for me. This time we had a tappa for a snack. Meatball and peanut sauce. YUM!! Very cool little spot.

We finally found our way back to the original first stop of the day so we were happy as we knew the bus home wasn’t far away. Our last stop was at the Sports Cafe for dinner. It was 8pm by now and we were actually hungry. Can you believe it?? This time it was water for both of us. We did have a very nice waitress names Nella. She was from Africa and from the moment I saw here I thought she was a model….so I asked. Yes, a runway model working in the restaurant part time. Time to catch the bus back to Rays cousins place. Its a 40 minute bus ride.

What a great day. The beer and wine was good too!



Tiny Car

The Tiny Car


Cheese Please!!

Koninklijk Palace

Koninklijk Palace

Ugly Duck

Ugly Duckling

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