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A quick Amsterdam trip….7 hours later.

Posted by on July 13, 2014
I amsterdam

I AMsterdam

After Pamela fried my power converter with her flat iron, we decided to do a quick run to Amsterdam to Media Market to pick up a new one. (Technically it was my fault for not reading the wattage). Low and behold, it’s right beside Amsterdam ArenA, home of AFC Ajax. SWEET, time for me to do some shopping!

Once I had my fun (an hour later), we actually got the power adapters needed plus a new battery for the camera Pamela left in Vancouver. Time for a snack; Febo kroket…mmmmmm. From this point on it was Pamelas time to shop. The “mall” we went to a basically dedicated to furniture; very expensive furniture. The cool part of this trip is we actually met a father & daughter for Kamloops! She now lives in Holland and her dad has since moved to Victoria.

Next…AMSTERDAM! This is Pamelas first encounter with the great city. We first off went for dinner at Roopram Roti Restaurant. I think it was a little spicier than Pamela thought it would be. Next we had a quick little tour of one of the main streets in the centre, had a coffee, and got to experience Ferlins interesting parking technique. We will be going back there tomorrow.

We finally got to meet up with Uncle Cor & Aunt Sicilia. We went right to their home, which is in a gorgeous little spot with a canal in the back with duck and all. We ended up looking through old photos of when they were in Canada in 1982 and pictures of their home in Suriname. It was great to see them again and look forward to our next visit on Wednesday at the BBQ.

I think that was the longest possible route for a power converter; but it only took 7 hours.


Tomorrow will just be Pamela, myself, and Amsterdam.

Amsterdam ArenA

Amsterdam ArenA


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